about us

Who are these guys? We are coders. We have been writing software for more than 15 years.

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— who we are

We like the process of bringing an idea to life. We enjoy turning a discussion into reality. We understand that there's more to a website than blinkey text and a couple of stock photos. We know what it takes to build something that works. We build a website that can be updated and maintained without any earth moving equipment required.

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So how do we do things anyways?

We like to involve you in the process of bringing your idea to life. When you contact us expect a follow up within the next 24 hours. We will ask you several questions to gauge where you are with your project or idea. We'll ask what requirements you have, and what you don't have figured out yet.

Once we understand your project, we will provide a list of milestones, along with estimates of time necessary to reach the milestones. Each milestone is a checkpoint that we can use to ensure things are going according to plan. These milestones average two weeks in duration, but can be more frequent if need be.

As each milestone is reached, the project will be made available for you to view and interact with. We believe that the best prototype is one that works. While pictures have their place, we work to bring interactivity to the experience as soon as possible.