what we do

CodeNoise provides web and server development expertise. Need a new website built? We can help. Want to use the latest APIs to make that next killer mashup? Give us a call.

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— ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the most effective ways to get a dynamic site together. This saves you precious time and effort, not to mention cost. All this results in less waste and more bottom line

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— javascript & html 5

People like to see things happen when they interact with your website. Gone are the days where a user will wait for your site to load, and pages refresh. We know how to keep a site engaging and responsive without being too noisy or busy.

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— ecommerce integration

If you have something to sell, your website can be your biggest asset. We can get you up and selling products with a custom system that fits your needs. No longer worry about having to change your process to fit your software. It works for you, not the other way around.

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— mobile app development

The mobile age is upon us. In order to reach users in the most engaging and capable way, you need a mobile app. We can help with that. Our expertise in native iOS and Android development will allow you to get your app in the app stores and on to users phones. We can tie in advanced features like location based services, APIs, social media, and even augmented reality. Paired with our capabilities in server development, your end to end vision can come to light.

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— APIs and components

Need a way to connect your app with an online database? Have a 3rd party service that you need to tie in to your system? Our developers can build APIs and integrations to connect different systems, or make your systems available to mobile apps. Integrations are a big world, and we may not be able to integrate everything, but we’ll take a look and let you know what options we can offer.